make hang

The Dream and Direction of my Creative Practice in the North Beach Community

In the near and upcoming 2012, I will curate and orchestrate group and solo shows of local, emerging artist’s, tactile sculptures. There is no other space in San Francisco like Make Hang. Informed by the building’s Chinese sewing sweatshop history (1960s-2010), the materiality of the work shown and the textile forms that are crafted in the studio pay homage to the skilled hands who sewed here before us. Immigrant workers made mass-produced clothing at all hours, living in the dirt-floored, dark basement.

Make Hang is primarily my studio that I share with the community, promoting and sharing techniques for various crafts. In this time of booming technology and economic angst, people yearn to create with their hands, but often do not have the resources. At Make Hang, supplies, tools, space and expertise are provided gratis to community members with a creative vision. In 2012 I will further develop my facilities, in the 1000 sq ft upstairs gallery and studio, and 1000 sq ft basement workroom.

Make Hang now has monthly rotating shows, and about one event a week related to the work shown. Some events I plan include First Fridays in North Beach, the North Beach Holiday Crawl, the North Beach Art Walk, artist talks, workshops, parties, local music, and alternative art performances like fish carving and meat sculpture. This month Make Hang is displaying Victoria DeBlassie’s orange textiles, hanging in space, creating a glowing. scented, architectural spiral. Collect, Skin, Dry Stitch, Repeat, the show title, explains DeBlassie’s process which will be illustrated and performed throughout the course of the show from December 2nd to January 27th.
Make Hang is inspired by Flux Projects in Atlanta, and Southern Exposure in San Francisco, both artist-run, they enable and promote contemporary underrepresented artistic voices.

Photography by Alan Robin


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