Press Release – Project Slow Marquesas – October 2017

Powered by wind, sun, and creative passion, Captain Aline Dargie sails ‘Pizza’ all around French Polynesia, starting in the Marquesas archipelago, creating original reportage, while learning and practicing local ways to live a sustainable lifestyle

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SLOW: ‘Sail Low on the World’

On Hiva Oa island, Paco holds up a river shrimp that he caught using a homemade snare, made from a slip-knotted palm frond
slow cover photo feb 2017

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SLOW presentation 2-2017 English5
SLOW presentation 2-2017 English4SLOW presentation 2-2017 English6 SLOW presentation 2-2017 English8 SLOW presentation 2-2017 English7 SLOW presentation 2-2017 English10SLOW presentation 2-2017 English9

An evening walk on the beach, back to the boat 🙂

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