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Teaching Veronica, a Marquesan friend on Fatu Hiva island how to weave palm frond baskets, a skill I learned little by little, over the course of one year, by apprenticing with Marta, a master weaver on Fakarava atoll. More stories from Fatu Hiva are on my Press page, under Photo Essays.


Freediving next to Fatu Hiva island, Marquesas… like taking a relaxing walk in the park. I love enjoying this natural environment in the most low impact way possible. Sailing to the bay and diving deep on one breath.


I find pleasure in making digital patterns like this one. I used to print them on fabrics and scarves back when I had my own artisanal line of tie-dye yoga clothing called Bicycle Shibori, in San Francisco.


Aline Dargie (b. 1991, Andover, Massachusetts, USA) has a passion for learning and documenting everything handmade and ‘slow.’ She earned a bachelor’s degree in textile fine arts from California College of the Arts, then co-founded and directed Make Hang for three years, an atelier in San Francisco featuring upcoming artists making sculptural, interactive installations. In the gallery, diverse locals enjoyed yoga, DIY art workshops, and slow food dinners. Since departing San Francisco on a sailboat in 2013, Aline has sailed over 20,000 miles in the Pacific, studied astro-navigation and earned a Royal Yacht Academy Yachtmaster certificate. Aline was the captain for the traditional Polynesian sailing project Va’a Motu on Fakarava atoll, and is now the captain of catamaran Pizza and multi media journalist for Project Slow.

Aline Dargie Artist Résumé

Read my artist résumé to learn about my experiences sailing, owning an art gallery, working as an independent textile artist in San Francisco, and my other creative adventure paths.

SF_Sailing_2_2016-36 SF_Sailing_2_2016-23


Often times, I just can’t stop smiling! I really enjoy the life and work hardaline dargie headshot 1

A joyful afternoon skippering a sailboat in San Francisco


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