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Hawaiian Hokulea in Hakahau

Hokulea, the Hawaiian traditional sailing project, makes a stopover at Ua Pou island, in the Marquesas archipelago of French Polynesia, in April 2017, on their way back to Hawaii to complete their around the world tour! Marquesan singers and dancers warmly welcome and entertain the sailors. The next day, the Aranui 5 passenger cargo ship visits the same bay.

Video by Captain Aline Dargie
copyright 2017 Project Slow

Toanaiki from Ua Pou
Take Wing by The Polish Ambassador
License from Jumpsuit Records


Sailing Lake Winnipesaukee

Capt Stevo (my brother)  Sailing Lake Winnipesaukee

Drone Footage

featuring music by The Polish Ambassador

Captain Aline visits sponsor Corderie Lancelin in France

Captain Aline Dargie from Project Slow Marquesas visits sponsor Corderie Lancelin in Ernee, France. Nicolas Lancelin carries on the tradition of making high quality braided and twisted lines, just like the three family generations before him. See skilled hands working in this modern factory, where everyone wears a smile to work. The factory has a nice ambiance and comfortable working conditions. it is a great feeling of security and style to sail aboard Pizza with lines made here!

Watch the breaking strength test and see if the line breaks in the weak spot Nicolas predicted…

Music: Hinenao au & Ka’oha – Takanini

sunrise sunrise


An early morning walk to gaze out to my family’s sailboat at a mooring in Freeport, ME.

Entranced by the fresh textures of seaweed and weathered patterns in stone during the golden hour.


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Teaching a Marquesan friend in Fatu Hiva how to weave palm frond baskets, a skill I learned from apprenticing with a master weaver in Fakarava.


Freediving in Fatu Hiva, Marquesas, like taking a relaxing walk in the park to enjoy this natural environment in the most low impact way possible.


I am a bit obsessed with making patterns like this one, from Julien Girardot’s photographs ( ) on Photoshop

Aline (b.1991, American) adventured from her hometown in Andover Massachusetts to San Francisco at age 16 to study Textiles at California College of the Arts. She focused on hand weaving silk, and dyeing with natural indigo, using Japanese shibori techniques, while earning a Bachelor of Fine Arts degree.

Aline co-founded and ran Make Hang for three years, an atelier featuring upcoming artists making sculptural, interactive installations, with an emphasis on slow textiles. In the gallery, the communities of North Beach and Chinatown San Francisco enjoyed yoga, DIY eco-friendly art workshops and slow food dinners.

Since sailing under the Golden Gate bridge and into the ocean three years ago, Aline sailed 20,000 miles in total and earned her Yachtmaster certificate. Today, Aline is the captain of Pizza. She loves to make things, write, freedive, and is currently studying astronavigation using a sextant. Aline has been calling Fakarava home port with photographer and chef Julien Girardot ( for one year and is also the volunteer captain for the Project Va’a Motu sailing canoe.

Aline Dargie sailing CV

Aline Dargie Resume 6 2015

Aline (at)

Learn about my experiences sailing, owning an art gallery, working as an independent textile artist in San Francisco, and my other creative adventure paths

SF_Sailing_2_2016-36 SF_Sailing_2_2016-23


Often times, I just can’t stop smiling! I really enjoy the life and work hardaline dargie headshot 1

A joyful afternoon skippering a sailboat in San Francisco


Whats next?

Project Slow Marquesas!

DIY Sailing Canoe Challenge

Explore challenged Julien Girardot and I from Project Va’a Motu in Fakarava to make an example and challenge our audience to make their own recycled sailing canoes to withstand the harsh natural forces of… a hairdryer. And now we challenge YOU!
When friends Boris Skater, Virginie, Lina Huan, Mahine Leplus and Vetea Leplus, visited us in Fakarava from Miami and Tahiti, we gathered plastics and other materials from the reef side of the atoll, washed up from the ocean, for each of us to build our own imaginative sailing craft. We used old plastic ropes to lash the parts together like on ancient canoes, and plastic bottles for flotation.
Later, we ventured to the lagoon and organized a regatta of our little boats- and “Sparta,” one creatively designed coconut and plastic boat made by Vetea, sailed along really well. Watch the video to see the winner, then get off the screen & make your own!
If you do not understand the French language in the video, it is ok because you already have all the information you need to complete this challenge, its simple: gather friends, make your own sailboats and video in any language & email it to (or via WeTransfer) before December 31 with subject ‘Explore Challenge 2016’. In January 2017, vote for your three favorite videos on explore’s website below. We are looking forward to seeing what you create with own local process!
for more challenges from other new explorers around the world!

Defi Petites Pirogues a voile recyclees – Projet Vaa Motu Fakarava French Polynesia from Aline Dargie on Vimeo.

Down & Dirty – Pizza’s First Shipyard

In Raiatea, French Polynesia, where I bought the boat with Raiatea Yacht Broker, and fixed her up at Raiatea Carenage, the Naval Shipyard, with my partner Julien Girardot and the help of a few excellent boat workers, including the legendary Taputo.

Pizza's first shipyard from Aline Dargie on Vimeo.

Spearing & Surfing

Discovering Nudibranch Personalities

Gorgeous science in the atoll of Fakarava

Scientists from Kahi Kai, Aldine Aimel and Eric Rottinger, visited our home in August 2016 in Fakarava, to make a collaboration with many local people, sharing knowledge, and collecting live specimens to photograph in the ocean, lagoon, and aboard the Vaa Motu sailing canoe. Kahi Kai creates stunning photographs of tiny marine animals, magnifying and sharing their often overlooked unique personalities and living textures. As Aldine says, “People enjoy our images, they want to look at them and understand… and what they can understand they can learn to protect” What a beautiful vision for this successful scientific outreach project!

Visit Kahi Kai’s online community to enjoy their images

Visit Vaa Motu on Facebook to enjoy more stories of sailing canoe adventures

Visit to enjoy more of Julien Girardot’s photography in French Polynesia

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Wild Shell Poetry in Toau

Writing visual poetry with found natural objects from the wild atoll of Toau in the Tuamotu Archipelago in French Polynesia in November 2015


oyster shell and sea urchin spikes woven together with a little piece of found string

coconut critter

bicycle tubes encasing shells

colored pencil leaf

weathered pencil urchin spikes

coral crafty crab

shell speak

coral keys

turn the key! open the lock!

day glow snail trails

snail trails

driftroot shell

bone collection

grounded crown

urchins stitched

industrial urchins

hey pal!

nuts and bolts and spikes

rusty outboard engine gets some spare parts from the sea

pearl farm plastic sentiment

melted pearl farm rope wrapped with pastel turquoise

sun bleached turquoise

clip it on

urchin buoy fish shack

urchin spike buoy

urchin buoy

sweet home by the sea

urchin collar silky lagoon

dyed fabrics and sea urchins

urchin motor geometry

crusty rust and corrosion

urchin star

coral star