Indigo Process

Thank you to my mentors and collaborators from whom I learned shibori techniques and natural indigo fabric dyeing:

Shoji Fujii, shibori artist from the traditional shibori village of Arimatsu, Nagoya, Japan, we developed original bicycle shibori techniques, for a collection of yoga wear, together at Make Hang

Murase family, the masters of sheek, classically contemporary shibori at Suzusan in Arimatsu, showed me how to finesse of the traditional shibori knots

Yoshiko Wada, internationally famous shibori artist and president of the World Shibori Network, I assisted her in workshops and presentations of indigo dyeing with Michel Garcia‘s scientific and culinary inspired approach to natural dyes.

Carter Smith, American clothing designer using shibori dyed fabrics, made using his original techniques, we collaborated on clothing pieces

Als Attire, handmade attire in North Beach neighborhood of San Francisco, neighbors of Make Hang, Al tailored custom jackets of my shibori dyed silk fabrics.

-Angelina DeAntonis, the designer and creator of Ocelot Clothing, we have shared creative dyeing sessions and learned tips and tricks together.

-My professors at California College of the Arts, all textile artists, Kathleen Larisch, Carole Beadle, Anne WolfJosh Fought

-Inspiration for natural dyeing fabrics from my professor Sasha Duerr, and weaving from Lia Cook



Woolen Indigo

Woolen Indigo is a collaboration between Elwyn of O’Lover Hats, and I, at Make Hang.

We creatively experimented with our interpretations of Japanese itajime and arashi shibori techniques.



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