Northern California

20140820-185202 shibori window indigo love

Crunch! Sargassum (aka wireweed) makes a delicious snack as we hike along the ocean

sea beans stevo and dad on a rock spongey rock lost coast stevo dad breakfast lost coast

Stephen and David Dargie enjoying a homemade meal



Collecting wild sea urchins on my paddle board, for lunch, by Santa Cruz Island, in California’s Channel Islands


Holly Dargie, harvesting flowers for the dinner table, and native plants like purslane to make a locally sourced salad

ladybug hat seaweed make driftwood

Make it Happen!!!

illuminated ocean stones

Found pebbles at the Lost Coast, on the Northern California coast

itajime in the wind'



Organic indigo shibori dyed silk organza blowing in the window of our driftwood home

kitchen window driftwood

David Dargie enjoying a book in the living room


dinner lost coast california food

Aline Dargie holding colorful californian heirloom beans, okra, basil and thyme, to steam


driftwood home

our driftwood home for a few nights

aline driftwood galley 20140804-182456

natural treasures everywhere

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