Entering the Doldrums

April 26 2015

0930 UTC

7 01.8 N

122 06.7 W


convergence zone


its all the same

lev o gauge repeat

engine on

low RPMs around 800 for fuel economy

motor sailing with 110 genoa

tinkering with sheet trim

balancing shape

do not desire drag from over hardening

we wish to harness enough wind

to boost SOG 1 kn

up to the high 5s

rough sea sunset

dreary cumulus smother shining half moon

hazy windows to heavens float by

twinkles of outer space flirt in and out of perspective

cloud to cloud lightning fire

crooked sparks spontaneously illuminate dark masses

no thunder heard

hot dark heavy humid massive

calmly confused 1’ mostly NE seas

we head dead south

7 degrees to go

longing for those idyllic SE trades

to blow us happily ever after to the Marquesas

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